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"Where do I start? What technology do I implement? Will this be too difficult for our business?" - These are concerns we often hear from our clients when they begin their journey.

To stay ahead of the competition and a leader within your industry, it is vital that you embrace new technologies that improve your efficiency and meet the demands of your customers.

At IoT Horizon we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with some of the leading organisations in the industry and implement a solution that meets your business requirements. 

We believe the starting point is helping you define your digital strategy.


The Internet of Things spans a variety of industries including: Manufacturing; Local Government; Healthcare; Retail; Transportation and Logistics.

Whether you wish to connect your machines in real time, eliminate machine downtime, incorporate smart devices to monitor indoor environments, improve productivity, enhance the customer experience or track your assets internally and externally there are solutions available to help you.

We help a variety of industries to develop and rollout solutions in this everchanging technological landscape. No matter where you are on your Digital journey, IoT Horizon can help you to take the next step.


IoT Horizon provides a range of consultancy services globally. Our aim is to help our clients, optimise their products and services, improve efficiencies and create new revenue streams in the Digital World. Our extensive knowledge of IoT and Cyber security will ensure your business is protected. 

Our IoT Consultants will offer your organisation an external view point and from the very first meeting will be able to identify new opportunities, challenges and recommendations. We work with industry leading engineers, developers, scientists, security experts and project managers to implement your identified solutions.

Our consultancy services can be as simple as an evaluation of your business and a list of recommendations; help with writing your Digital Strategy or providing you the end-to-end solution. At IoT Horizon we want to connect the dots for you.


We specialise in providing solutions to help improve many aspects of a business. With a wealth of experience in many fields implementing smart solutions for clients, IoT Horizon can help solve a vast array of problems.

These include solutions for preventative maintenance, asset tracking and management, condition monitoring, payment, management of people & things and more.

IoT - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting devices, over the internet allowing them to interact with each other, integrate with applications and also to exchange data. This allows us to have a better understanding of how these 'things' are functioning and use this data to enhance efficiency. 

Do you monitor mission-critical equipment?

Mission-critical equipment includes: small motors, bearings, conveyors, rollers, water pumps etc. They are often the motors that are forgotten about. 

These motor failures are critical as they can cause a line-down situation which can result in downtime from a few hours to several days.


Do you monitor mission-critical equipment?

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