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We provide end-to-end IoT Solutions, supporting your business from concept to implementation. Solutions include Contact Tracing, Asset Tracking, Preventative and Condition Monitoring, Sensor Monitoring and more.

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We lead customers on their digital transformation journey with transparency, accountability and passion. We streamline the time to market so that our customers can focus on being agile, customer-centric and innovative.


Bespoke Design

We have created a team of Technology Disrupters, Solution Designers, Electrical Engineers, Software Developers and Security Consultants so that you don't have to. Together we can innovate, design and build your vision.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things enables businesses to gather and analyse data to create action. It gives the opportunity for devices to communicate and exchange data for a more connected world. Our favourite saying is “you don’t know, what you don’t measure.”

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IoT Horizon obtain Cyber Essential Plus (CE+)
Latest News
Niamh Allen

IoT Horizon obtain Cyber Essential Plus (CE+)

Have you ever received an email that looked legitimate but requested personal information, financials details, or a password reset? This type of attack can steal, expose, change, disable, destroy, or sell your information.   In 2020, UK businesses

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The MPWR Process
IoT Horizon Limited

How to MPWR your IoT Project

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptor to many businesses and industries, redefining, simplifying, and optimising what is possible whilst simultaneously creating newer, more

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