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Key Management Solution

May 23, 2018

One example of how technology is helping to improve security, is through its integration into physical metal keys. You can now have a metal key with digital credentials on it. 
These keys are similar to what we use every day to open the front door to our homes and storage units, but with the addition of RFID and Bluetooth.

 Traditionally the management of keys is very difficult. Often organisations don’t know how many master keys are missing and who has them, which can be a major flaw in their security system.

We can provide a solution that will fix these issues. It uses high-end microelectronics, programmable keys and cylinders that provides flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. The system allows for the update of permissions of the key holder as many times as required. Users would only need to have access to one key, which can be deprovisioned when lost, only allowed to open certain doors at specific times and integrated as part of your current access control system.

You can now give a user a physical key that will only work for a certain period of time or on a certain day. This makes the management of contractors a lot easier, safe in the knowledge that the key they have only works for a set period of time.

If your are interested in this solution or would like to know more please get in contact.

Key Management Solution

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