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What preventative maintenance do you have in place for your motors/machines?

Sep 19, 2018

What production downtime costs are associated with a broken motor/machine? What is the cost per hour? Per day?

What energy is wasted due to overworked motors?

What is the cost for a machine replacement?

What maintenance and labour costs occur if a machine fails?

Is maintenance something you worry about?


We can provide a solution called 'Condition Monitoring' that utilises beacon technology. Why not fix a beacon to a machine, set your policies and workflows, use the cloud access and easily monitor your machines?


The solution works simply as follows:

1/ BLE Beacon (affixed to a motor/industrial machine) - it has a long life battery (3-5 years) and is low cost. Embedded with sensors that monitor temperature, vibration and movement. The Beacon once affixed to the motor will learn the vibration of the machine, if those vibrations change, the user is alerted. You can set policies for temperature/movement and if the beacon goes outside of this realm it will alert the user that something is not right and to go and check the machine, prior to failure.

2/ Gateway - Fast and easy to implement, low cost AC/DC, uses WiFi, coverage of around 30m - can support up to 200 sensor beacons (depending on the environment)

3/ Cloud Access

Beacon management, manage workflows and view analytics - can trigger alerts/message notifications.

Portal-based dashboard - can integrate with existing systems and allows users to remotely track beacon status



- The ability to monitor your systems in real-time

- It can detect abnormal behaviour

- It can predict motor failure using trend analysis

- It is battery operated

- Easy and fast to install

- Multiple cloud policies

- API driven


Please give us a call if you feel this is something that would benefit your business, we would love to talk you through the different options available and see if this technology can help. 


Contact: Tom Allen


Telephone: 01706 318110

What preventative maintenance do you have in place for your motors/machines?

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