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Why should events move to a cashless system?

Sep 3, 2018

My recent festival experience was fantastic but not without its challenges! The music was brilliant, and the food was delicious although the weather did let me down, an outdoor festival with torrential rain is never fun but that is the Northern Life!

After dancing away for a few hours, I was desperate for a drink and something to eat, I saw signs for ‘CASH ONLY’ but I only had my card/watch. I had to navigate my way across a crowded muddy field to find the cash machine, when I arrived I was charged a fee for using the machine and then had to try and safely store the cash. When I arrived back, I queued for over 30-minutes for just the drink alone!

I couldn’t face queuing again, so I bought a few drinks to last. Although, I didn’t want to put my drinks down or uncover the top of the drink due to the horror stories you hear of people being spiked at festivals, so I downed my drinks far too quickly.


Would I have spent more money if the festival had a cashless system?  YES

Would I have queued again if there was a faster more effective system in place? YES

Would this have improved my experience? YES


So why should events be moving to cashless?

*Reduces queues at events and makes sales up to 80% faster

*Reduced time needed for cash handling and will improve security as less cash is on site.

*Combined Entry and Payment System

*Improve the customer experience

*Increased revenue for the event. Spending is easier on a card than trying to handle cash.

Why should events move to a cashless system?

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