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'Beat the Street' uses smart technology to transform entire towns and cities into a game

Oct 7, 2018


'Beat the Street' is an initiative developed by Intelligent Health to increase physical activity levels across entire towns and cities. The initiative recently launched in Weymouth and Portland and runs from the 3rd October - 14th November 2018.

The aim is to get people away from their phones, moving and taking on the challenge socially. It challenges users to tag as many locations as they can with a smart card or fob, instead of using their phone.

Beat Box sensors are placed on lamp posts around the town for players to tap their smart card or fob against, scoring points and prizes for the distance they walk, cycle or scoot.

If you live, work or go to school in Weymouth and Portland you are eligible to take part. Currently, 3,500+ people are taking part which is 5% of the population of Weymouth and Portland (and it's only a few days in).

On average, across all Beat the Street projects, the amount of people meeting the physical activity guidelines increased from 40% to 50%. In 2015, 1 out of every 7 adults said they were inactive at the start of Beat the Street. By the end of Beat the Street, 78% of these people reported that they had become more active. 

To date 857,511 participants have taken part in Beat the Street Worldwide 

Find out more here - 

'Beat the Street' uses smart technology to transform entire towns and cities into a game

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