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Do you monitor mission-critical equipment?

Oct 30, 2018

Mission-critical equipment can include: small motors, bearings, conveyors, rollers, water pumps etc. They are often the motors that are forgotten about. 

These motor failures are critical as they can cause a line-down situation which can result in downtime from a few hours to several days.

How does the Bluvision solution work?

The Condition Monitoring Solution uses machine learning and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to predict failure on any motor or equipment - weeks or months before the failure happens. This will reduce downtime and will give the user time to react to the potential failure. 

1/ The solution requires history in order to predict the future

The beacons will be affixed to the equipment over a two week period, while the machine is operating normally and goes through every possible stage

This will gather historical vibration data and will establish a motion fingerprint of each individual motor

2/ The patterns

The solution is based on multiple events not single anomalies. 

When the data is evaluated against the learning stage - policies and alerts are created for:

* When the motion of a motor is different than its fingerprint.

* When the motion level is growing (trend over time)

3/ Hardware

Minimal Hardware is required

Sensor beacons are mounted onto the equipment you want to monitor and WiFi Gateways are located in positions to maximise coverage.

Each gateway can manage hundreds of sensor beacons 

Cloud software

The cloud software allows for user alerts and management of thousands of beacons. The status and health can be managed at once.

How does it monitor? 

The solution studies the motion in 3-axis - x, y and z. The machine learning calculations are performed inside each individual beacon so it only uses peak-to-peak data transmitted to the cloud.

In simplistic terms, it will transmit for example, the low speed and high speed which will save battery life and eliminate the user analysing unnecessary data

We are happy to provide a free demo on this solution. Please contact us to find out more at -

Do you monitor mission-critical equipment?

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