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Consolidating Access Control

Dec 9, 2018

It is not uncommon that NHS trusts grow through expansion and now have facilities on multiple sites.

Half of those facilities may have a common access control system, but there will be separate systems for other facilities. That’s a hassle for everyone who may have to carry multiple different access control cards or other credentials. It’s also a hassle for employees who make regular visits and it’s a hassle for facilities who know there’s a better way.

Cards become proprietary and suddenly NHS trusts are spending huge sums of money on buying old cards, and personalising them using ID card printers, card ribbons and cleaning kits. Quite often they do not realise that badges can be amalgamated. Also some RFID technologies have been widely cloned and it very easy to clone a card which could give undesirable access to areas that are very dangerous.

Access control systems can range from a simple card-based system, such as magnetic stripe, proximity or smart cards, used by employees to unlock a single door independently; to a multi door system using hard-wired components and a dedicated PC or server; to a Web-based system which uses biometrics for access, and controls the entire building, including lighting, HVAC and more.

New readers can also have the benefit of being able to support mobiles as well as cards. That means in the future you could issue employees that are ad hoc such as a contractor, a virtual card on a phone to gain access which will reduce the companies costs.

At IoT Horizon we can offer a service to review your current systems, help advise on your card strategy and also help with the supply if you need to consolidate the estate.

Consolidating Access Control

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