IoT Horizon provides a range of consultancy services to customers in the UK and across the world. We are an enthusiastic company built to offer a high level quality of service, almost as if we were one of your team. We pride ourselves in our collaborative ability and drive to achieve your goals. We like to think we can give an honest balanced opinion. We enable organisations to understand what IoT and RFID is all about, and help to optimise their products and services, to improve efficiencies and create new revenue streams in the Digital World. We want to connect the ‘the dots’ for you.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

We want to help you understand how to gain competitive advantage using smarter solutions. We have a vast collaborative network from which we can pull the best team to help you achieve the results you require. Our consultancy services can help with the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Workshops
  • Building a Proof of Concept
  • Scaling the Solution
Technology & IT Consultancy

Technology & IT Consultancy

Helping to deliver software solutions that improve business performance and turn ideas into reality. We have an understanding of the key technologies to help with this adoption and help you gain competitive advantage. We can help recommend hardware, software and networks to build the right solution.

Our knowledge and ability to collaborate with Industry, allows us to customize these services to your specific requirements. 

We are keen to get hands on and learn about your business and what sets you apart. We are always available for advice, and care about delivering the very best quality of service.

IoT Consultancy

IoT Consultancy

Many companies are struggling to understand what IoT actually is and how it can help their business or organisation. IoT has the ability to streamline processes, optimise work flows and realise new revenues.

We can help with the following IoT consultancy services:

  • IoT Strategy
  • IoT Workshops
  • Evaluation of IoT products
  • Mobile applications; both evaluation and creation

IOT fits into Industry 4.0, the so called 4th Industrial Revolution, as one of the 9 pillars which include; 

  1. Virtual reality
  2. Additive Manufacturing – 3D printing
  3. Internet of Things (IOT) or in Industrial terms the IIOT
  4. BIG Data – we have the data now what?
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Advanced Simulation
  7. Autonomous robotics
  8. Systems Integration
  9. Cyber security ‘management of people and things’
RFID Hardware

RFID Hardware

RFID chips can be embedded into many form factors, and come in many different sizes and formats.

We can help with the selection of silicon for your solution, as well as the form factor and material. We will consider the nature and types of applications you are rolling out, as well as costs and security.
Here are some examples of common form factors that we can help with; Smart Cards for Smart Cities and Trusted Access Control, Contactless fobs for payment and loyalty, intelligent labels for tracking key assets and tags that can be embedded into manufactured goods to help with production and compliance.

With the emergence of NFC and smart NFC Chips we can help with frictionless solutions. Smart NFC chips can now not only send a URL but also send a One Time Password (OTP) to make sure you can trust that it is your asset. This can be used for solutions such as proof of ID, Asset tracking and Maintenance Management.

RFID chips of different frequencies can be integrated together so that you can enjoy the flexibility of both, short range and longer-range solutions. This means companies can track their assets through production processes where they may need longer read range, and at the same time allow users to securely check the chip over shorter ranges perhaps for payment.



We can help with all facets of personalisation of hardware including smart cards, fobs and readers. Brands can be re-enforced with good quality printing. Security can be built in as well using special inks, well designed artwork and both overt and covert features.
Personalisation machines can vary from desktop to high end solutions. The ideal solution is often dependant on Geography, environment, throughput required and material. We have experience of providing solutions for large scale ID projects down to small desktop solutions for a company printing ID Cards.
Both local and mobile issuance options are available. We can also incorporate laser engraving into this process and advise on the use of different materials such as Polycarbonate and other composite materials.



RFID and Contact Readers can come in many form factors and support multiple technologies. As part of a solution we can advise on suitable readers both of the shelf and those that can be customised and built to order.
NFC has had a new impetus with Apple and iOS 11. The iPhone is now able in most cases to read contactless chips and this has made B2C applications much more innovative. Users for example can now choose what applications to have on their loyalty card and upload them to a card using an NFC phone.
IoT Horizon can help with the selection of the following readers:

Desktop & Laptop
Mobile readers
Biometric readers including the support for Automated Fingerprint Identification System AFIS
Access Control readers

Key Management Solution

One example of how technology is helping to improve security, is through its integration into physical metal keys. You can now have a metal key with digital credentials on it.
These keys are similar to what we use every day to open the front door to our homes and storage units but with the addition of RFID and Bluetooth.
This could be a key to open a padlock to a secure plant room. Traditionally the management of keys is very difficult. Often organisations don’t know how many master keys are missing and who has them, which can be a major flaw in their security system.
We can provide a solution that will fix these issues. It uses high-end microelectronics, programmable keys and cylinders that provides flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. The system allows for the update of permissions of the key holder as many times as required. Users would only need to have access to one key, which can be deprovisioned when lost, only allowed to open certain doors at specific times and integrated as part of your current access control system.
You can now give a user a physical key that will only work for a certain period of time or on a certain day. This makes the management of contractors a lot easier, safe in the knowledge that the key they have only works for a set period of time.

Key Management Solution

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