RFID and IOT solutions span all industries from Manufacturing, Local Government and Finance. With an increase in collaboration between industries comes far more complex designs and security considerations. This means security needs to step up, especially where you are sharing data and ideas. With GDPR and PSD2 regulations, we must manage our data and make sure we have systems in place to provide strong authentication. We can help industries to develop and rollout solutions in this everchanging technological landscape.



The distribution and transportation of goods is becoming more expensive, and ensuring that the right goods get to the right people in the right environment is a challenge.

We can provide solutions to these logistical problems by using technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth.

Solutions that IoT Horizon can provide include:

  • Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
  • Smart Coolers
  • People Monitoring
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Condition Monitoring


Within manufacturing operations, there are several processes that are critical to the overall success of the organization. Key amongst these are - Asset Tracking, Workforce Optimization, and Asset Condition Monitoring. IoT Horizon can help to implement solutions for all three of these processes using the same infrastructure, thereby keeping costs low and optimizing the entire operation. With a knowledge of ITS security we can also advise on Security and the Identity of 'things', people and hardware.



IoT Horizon can help to consolidate the number of credentials that Staff and Students carry, by ensuring your current campus card is secure and fit for purpose. We can also provide campus solutions for the following:

  • Parking
  • GDPR and stronger authentication
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Student Union Membership
  • Library Card
  • Locker Management
  • Cashless vending
  • EMV
  • Voting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Transport - Integration with ITSO
  • CMS - Card Management Systems
  • Printing on Demand
  • Access Control
  • Location sevices


We can provide solutions for Governments and Government agencies, encompassing both local and national authorities. This can be anything from managing payments and credentials, implementing strong identity solutions to the management of buildings and assets. This allows for easier interaction between agencies and the people they need to serve. At IoT Horizon we have a history of working in the Government space and would be delighted to share our knowledge.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

With the ever-increasing improvements of digital technology, there is now a greater ability to transform facilities management. Smart buildings can now increasingly monitor themselves. For example, IoT-equipped devices can send proactive messages when they require servicing or have a fault, while cloud-based monitoring improves control over operations. IoT Horizon can help to implement these technologies within your company and help increase the efficiency of facilities management. We can help you to deliver enormous improvements in service and productivity.



Efficient Bus Ticketing System can be a big part of how to improve transportation efficiency. It’s important for ticketing systems to be quick and practical, to allow for faster loading and unloading of passengers. We can advise with consultancy for transport solutions, for example what credentials to use or which ticketing solution is right for you.



The healthcare industry provides a variety of services to support the healthcare needs of millions of people and things. Within this industry there are many sectors that we can help facilitate including:

·         Health care services and facilities. 

·         Medical insurance. 

·         Medical devices and equipment. 

·         Medical Supplies. 

·         Pharmaceutical Companies. 

·         Medical Information.


Please see below for more information.

Health Care

Health care services and facilities

This could be a Hospital that needs a strategic overhaul of their Physical and Logical Access solutions. Alternatively, we could review how they manage their plant and machinery, and track their assets.

Medical insurance

How do users gain access to services and prove their identity? There are some exciting initiatives looking at how we prove someone's Identity using blockchain technology. Enabling Banks and NGOs to ensure that money is going to the right people in need.

Medical Supplies

There are many applications and challenges with medical supplies, from securing drugs, ensuring therapy adherence to protecting drugs by making sure that they are kept at the correct temperature. These could include Asset Management solutions, intelligent packaging solutions or making sure the right people are getting the right drugs.

Medical Information

Providing solutions to ensure that only medical professionals who have the right credentials are able to access secure patient notes.We can work with you to ensure that these comply with the establishments' needs and policies.

Health Care

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