IoT - The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting devices over the internet allowing them to talk to applications, each other and sensors to produce and exchange data. This data is then sent to a Cloud Service where it can be analysed with other data sources and then shared with end users in a useful way. This allows us to have a better understanding of how things are working and how we can improve them to suit our needs. This can include setting policies and workflows, as well producing alerts when things are not quite right. IoT can be used to automate devices and processes in all industries. This could be something as simple as street lights turning on as you pass them. As an example, a torque wrench in the future will be able to look up on the internet what the correct settings are for a particular job. This will save the user time and help eliminate mistakes. It could also record for example, when bolts were tightened so that there is a maintenance log to help with compliance.

IoT and Manufacturing

The IoT is currently having a large impact on the manufacturing industry, where it is being labelled the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0.
This is allowing manufacturers to collect more data and make more intelligent decisions in a more time efficient manor. Intelligent devices are able to automate processes and streamline manufacturing. It allows for predictive maintenance, so that when a mechanical part starts to break down, an engineer can be sent an automated job alert and parts ordered, reducing downtime.

IoT and Security

One of the biggest challenges for IoT is security and privacy. With the many devices now connected to the internet and systems collecting a lot of personal data about people, there’s an increased possibility of outside entities obtaining information from your network. IoT Horizon can help you to properly integrate IoT devices into your network, whilst minimizing the potential threat of external breaches of security. Traditional technologies like PKI will be joined with blockchain to make sure that these communications are secure.


How can IoT Horizon help you with the Internet of Things?

Our team has large amounts of experience using IoT technologies including; RFID, NFC and Bluetooth, and will be able to advise on which technologies you should use for your needs along with the relevant software and services.

IoT and Manufacturing

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