A solution to enable a safe return to work in a pandemic

contact tracing

As companies return to work post-lock down, tools that can help them reopen operations while reassuring employees that it’s safe to do so, is crucial. Employers are responsible for the health and wellbeing of employees as they return to work, ensuring that social distancing is maintained (2 metres) and managing transmission risk.

CRE: Is that rain I feel?


Before Easter, I wrote an article about the perfect storm facing Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Well, it seems the first droplets of raining are beginning to fall. Recently Barclays and WPP announced that flexible working will be the new normal and suggested that large offices were a thing of the past. Even Radio 4’s PM program (Weds 29th April, 5:28 …

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IoT Horizon Strengthens Software Team

Kamran Nawaz Deyrick Allen Angela Allen

In January 2020, Kamran (Kammy) Nawaz strengthened the IoT Horizon Software Development Team. Working alongside our Operations Director, Tom Allen, Kammy will be executing current and future projects.

In a recent virtual interview during lockdown, we explored all things Kammy…