Access Control

Access control enables you to control who has access to your building. If you are currently issuing traditional keys, what happens if that key is lost? What happens if that key is stolen? The cost of changing barrels and re-issuing keys can be expensive.

If you need to secure company assets, staff and their property. Why not install an access control system that will take the hassle out of lost/stolen credentials, whilst offering a flexible and secure system that can control users' rights.

We have the ability to help you pick a credential that is suited to your company, whether this is an ID Card, wristband, fob or mobile phone. If a credential is lost, the ability to de-activate a credential from the system can be easily done.

Do you want all employees to have access to the main door but not the stock room or the managers room? Access rights can also be permitted on an individual basis.

If you are you asking yourself, "which system is right for me?" please get in touch with the team.


ASSA CLIQ is a completely electronic cylinder platform. A system of programmable keys and compact, secure locking cylinders, offering you unrivalled security and flexibility, with minimum fuss.

CLIQ provides the benefits of access control, combined with all of the benefits and security of a physical key system – giving you a flexible and modern way of managing access to a door.

Benefits of CLIQ?

  • Maximum electronic security - The electronic platform offers the highest possible security and the risks associated with lost keys are minimised.
  • Maximum flexibility – To manage constantly changing access requirements. Temporary rights can be assigned to users quickly and easy, with clear audit trails available.
  • Minimum fuss - Easier to install and maintain, whilst being more cost effective than traditional access control. Robust and durable hardware provides a long life.

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