Professional Services

MPWR from concept to profit


Design innovation around your company culture.
We come to understand your people, your operations and company culture as a whole to ensure our work is right for your organisation, and is able to deliver on pre-determined, tangible results.


Quickly map out your challenges, known & unknown.
Through consultation we design a selection of tailored solutions for your company, to identify new streams of revenue into your organisation and expose a host of new opportunities.


Bringing ideas to life, and into business.
Our workable process converts ideas to real value and defines the optimal solution based on; the value of revenue streams created, what’s right for you as an organisation as well as potential funding pots to facilitate this.


Swiftly implement prototype and see how it works in practise.
Using the designs and specifications from the Workable phase, we can focus on rapidly producing our prototype. This includes the operating model, supply chain, funding applications and prototype iteration plan.

We help you to connect the dots

The Internet of Things can transform your business, now and in the future. By increasing connectivity and capturing customer, shop-floor, and supply chain data, the insights enable you to make more informed, proactive and customer-focused decisions.

MPWR is our formal and agile approach, to guide your business to new horizons from concept to profit. The process quickly converts concepts to reality through reuse and rapid prototyping.

MPWR your business today